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This letter was written by the Education Advantage Foundation's first scholarship recipient, Francoise Foster. She is currently living in New York City, attending community college and will transfer to New York University very soon.

March 5, 2008

Dear Education Advantage Foundation, 

     I know it took me forever to send you this thank you email, but I was really trying to find the perfect way to say thank you...then it hit me...it should come from the heart.
     I still remember the first time I moved to the Sahara. I was extremely upset. My mother decided to move there when I was out of town, and she didn't tell me a thing. This all changed when Learning Links Center ("LLC") and Education Advantage Foundation ("EAF") came into place. I honestly believe that LLC and EAF are one of the best programs out there, and that's because the program came to us, and we didn't have to leave. The fact that I was so close is what really helped me. I didn't have to catch the bus or even walk to the nearest library just to type a paper. I had access to one of the best after school programs and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. Dreaming can be difficult when you're surrounded by negative people. Being around positive people that care about you and people that care about your future made dreaming easier. As long as LLC and EAF continue to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment, the children in these programs will succeed. The fact that the program is located in the building, or in the building that is across the street gives the children a sense of comfort.
    The best memories for me and what I believe helps the children the most are the field trips. When I was a part of the program I found the trips that we took reminded me that there was so much more to life and it was not as far as it had seemed. My first basketball and baseball games were two of the greatest events that I have been to, and I am sure that the younger students feel the same way. Although the Sahara was located in a bad neighborhood, I never felt afraid when I was inside because the program gave the building a sense of safety.
    We were more than just neighbors, it was more like a family. I am very thankful for being EAF's first scholarship recipient and I am enjoying my education at the local junior college here in New York City. I anticipate transferring to New York University in a few semesters.

Thank you!


Francoise Foster

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