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   7/29/2012-2012-EAF Sierra Nevada camping/fishing trip.

It's that time of year again for our annual EAF camping trip. This year our students in the Los Angeles program enjoyed a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the big city in exchange for some fishing, hiking, and camping. They even came across an old gold mine!! The students were also able to visit Manzanar; A National Historic Site. Manzanar War Relocation Center was one of ten camps where Japanese American citizens and resident Japanese aliens were interned during World War II. Sounds like a pretty neat history lesson. We would like to give many thanks to Mark Fuchs of Juniper Insurance for setting this all up!




  7/14/2012-Surf Camp

On July 14th our Adams Center students enjoyed a fun filled day at the beach in Santa Monica, Ca learning how to surf. Big thanks to Dylan Elkin and his friend Dean for taking time out of their schedule to teach our kids. They had a blast. Check out the pictures below.








7/3/2012- Summertime fun

 Our students using the Saxon books we purchased.

 Texas-Our top four students for the last two weeks







5/5/2012 - Planet Shark Exhibit

Education Advantage Foundation took a group of their students to the Dallas Museum of Nature & Science to view the Planet Shark: Predator or Prey exhibit. The exhibit led the students through the murky myths and fascinating facts which have surrounded sharks for centuries. They saw explanations and examinations of almost every aspect of the shark - from evolution and biology to popular culture.  One of nature’s oldest and most feared creatures, the shark is also one of the most misunderstood. The students enjoyed a fun-filled day at the museum and left with a whole new level of respect for the ocean's oldest and deadliest predator along with the understanding of why they are necessary for life on Planet Earth.



  8/9/2011 - My Brother's Keeper


Education Advantage Foundation students attended the My Brother's Keeper event, where both students and mentors enjoyed an inspiring night of great motivational speakers and live music on the football field at SMU.



  July 28, 2011 - EAF Annual Camping Trip


This year, we took two of our outstanding students from Texas on our annual camping trip to Mammoth Lake! Our students went fishing, hiking, and told stories around the campfire.




  July 23, 2011 - EAF Dallas Goes Fishing


Joe Killinger, Board Member Mark Fuchs, and EAF enthusiast Georgeann Winston took a few outstanding kids from EAF Dallas on a fishing trip! The fish were biting, and it was a beautiful sunny day!!




  Mar 1, 2011 - Jake Essoe Visits the Kids at Coco

Jake Essoe, actor, comedian, and rapper, visited the kids at the Coco center last week! Jake introduced the kids to improv, and they played games that allowed them to build confidence and learn teamwork! The kids all had a great time, and asked Jake to come back soon!  




Feb 24, 2011 - MRCA Ranger Barry Slawter Visits the Kids at Adams

Students at the Adams center were visited by Ranger Barry Slawter of the Mountain Recreation Conservancy Agency. Ranger Slawter spoke to the kids about safety while hiking, including what to do when you see a snake. The kids even got to turn on the sirens of his patrol truck!



  Feb 22 - Erin Patton and Dallas Cowboys #37 Bryan McCann Visit EAF Dallas

Erin Patton, author and expert on branding, sports marketing and Hip-Hop cultur...e, came to The Madeline center to speak to the students yesterday. Mr. Patton was hand picked by Michael Jordan as the architect for the JORDAN brand and engineered its successful launch in 1997. Bryan McCann of the Dallas Cowboys (# 37) joined Erin and spoke to the students on the importance of education and hard work. It was very interesting and all of the students got autographs!!



  Aug 9, 2010 - EAF Dallas Goes to the Circus


Pam Musgrove (EAF Regional Director in Dallas, TX) arranged a fun and exciting trip to the circus for EAF students. The kids had a blast and enjoyed every minute of the show. Susan Spalter was gracious to fund the trip and came along to the show with the students.




  6/26/2010 - Los Angeles EAF Students Learn How To Make & Distribute Fresh Sorbet

Kippy and Max, Co-owners of Truly.Raw.Gourmet www.trulyrawgourmet.com were kind enough to invite our Los Angeles students into their work room where they taught the kids how to make their signature gourmet sorbet, while also educating them on how they distribute their product to WholeFoods markets throughout LA. The kids had a blast learning how to make the sorbet and enjoyed tasting all of their own delicious creations.



  5/28/2010 - Tisha Schwartz Visits EAF Students In Dallas


Physical Therapist, Tisha Schwartz visited Dallas resource rooms last week to speak with EAF students about her career and the importance of an education in the workplace.


  5/25/2010 - Dancing At The Adams Center


Dance Instructor, Angelica Jordan visited the Adams Resource Room over the weekend and conducted a private dance class for its students. The students had tons of fun learning their new dance steps and they all enjoyed an ice cream break together before heading home at the end of the day.



  4/20/2010 - EAF Goes To The Theatre

Pam Musgrove (EAF Regional Director in Dallas, TX) arranged a day at the theatre for EAF students this month. EAF Tutors Meredith Hollis and Stevie Sanford took a group of their students to enjoy the play and watch Pam's performance on stage as "Miss Hannigan" in the beloved story of Annie.



  4/9/2010 - Go-Kart Racing

EAF founders, Joe and George and volunteers Mark Fuchs, Alex Ruvalcaba and Angelica Jordan took a group of Los Angeles EAF students out for an evening of fun at the go-kart tracks last Friday. Afterward, they all sat down to enjoy a tasty dinner together.



  4/2/2010 - Cake Live (Creative Arts for Kids Expression) visits Los Angeles Resource Centers

Cake Live (Creative Arts for Kids Expression) visited our Los Angeles buildings to speak with EAF students about mentoring programs in the creative arts and to discuss possible future careers.



  1/5/2010 - EAF Attends "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" Starring The Rockettes

Education Advantage Foundation would like to thank Tate Phillips with United Renovations for donating tickets to our students to attend the RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR® as it toured across North America this holiday season. EAF would also like to thank Pamela Musgrove (EAF Director for Dallas, TX) and Tyrone Harris (EAF Teacher for The Madeline) for orchestrating the outing and taking their students to see the show. The performance of the SPECTACULAR was truly a glittering present, full of fun and surprises. The students enjoyed every minute of the performance as they watched the Rockettes perform in numbers such as the legendary "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" and were taken away on a magical ride to Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. It was a thrilling evening for all, and was a unique and wonderful holiday experience.



  12/12/2009 - EAF Attends "The Christmas Princess"

EAF took its Los Angeles students to a showing of "The Christmas Princess" play in Santa Monica on the third street promenade. All the students got to sit in the front row and had the opportunity to interact with the actors after the play. It was a great way for all the students from each of the Los Angeles resource rooms to get together and enjoy spending a fun filled Saturday during the holidays as a group.



  12/9/09 - EAF's First Dance Class

This weekend we held dance classes for the kids in the Los Angeles resource rooms. As you can see by the photos, the kids had a blast and got some exercise in the process. Angelica Jordan (Private Trainer and Dance Instructor) donated her time to come work with our kids on learning the moves and choreography. We also had Sorbet donated for the kids from Truly Raw Gourmet www.trulyrawgourmet.com and the kids loved every minute of it! It was a lot of fun for everyone and and we look forward to organizing another dance class for them in the near future.



  11/20/09 - LA Councilman, Herb Wesson Visits Newest Los Angeles Resource Room

Councilman, Herb Wesson recently made a friendly visit to our newest Resource Center in Los Angeles. Founders, Joe Killinger and George Pino, along with Resource Room Teacher, Rheannon Goodlett and her students happily welcomed Mr. Wesson to their Resource Room and its community with a tour of the premises.




10/31/09 - Halloween at the Resource Center



  08/17/09 - Surf / Beach Day

Dylan Elkin organized a beach day for a group of EAF students in Los Angeles which took place last Monday, August 17th. The students enjoyed having surf instructors help them learn to surf the waves and boogie board while spending a fun filled day at the beach where they played, built sand castles, and laid out in the sun. 




07/01/09 - 07/03/09 Virginia Lakes Camping Trip

EAF took a group of students from the programs in Los Angeles this month on a camping trip to the Sierra Nevada's Virginia Lakes. They enjoyed spending their time, hiking, fishing, exploring, eating s'mores, telling stories over the camp fire, and learning about new plants and animals and Earth's natural creations. The trip was a magnificent success and we all look forward to next year's camping trip.



  03/11/08 Madeline Resource Center Grand Opening

Madeline Resource Center had their Grand Opening on March 11th! The teachers from Teruko Springs Resource Center joined the new teachers and staff at the opening along with the Deputy Chief Of Police, Mr. Thomas Lawrence, and Councilman, Mr. Jerry R. Allen. While the adults headed to the buffet and made their own cotton candy, the students checked out their new after-school location.



  03/03/08 Los Angeles Lakers Game

The regular attendees of EAF's Resource Centers were rewarded to a Lakers VS Memphis Grizzlies game at the Staples Center.  The students were chaperoned by EAF's staff members and Santa Rosalia's after school program teacher.



01/13/08 Celebrity Basketball Game

The Education Advantage Foundation would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the celebrities who participated in the event and to those who showed their support. We'd also like to give a special thanks to (actor/comedian) Rob Corddry who hosted the event. This Celebrity Basketball Game fundraiser brought many smiles, along with a fun, energetic and interactive atmosphere for the kids in the foundation; providing them with an experience that they'll never forget. Keep posted as the Education Advantage Foundation is planning more events like this in the near future and you don't want to miss out!


Click here for Event Flyer and Information


10/31/08 Trick-or-Treating

The residents and children from the surrounding neighborhoods of Coco and Santa Rosalia went trick-or-treating inside the complexes. Witches, firefighters, angels, and other costumed children of EAF were able to fill up a bag full of candy from their neighbors.




10/19/08 William Morris Tree Planting & Painting Murals

The William Morris agents/staff and their families joined the residents to spend a Sunday livening up the gardens and Resource Center. The children were able to participate by planting new plants and painting an outdoor mural at Coco. At Santa Rosalia, the Resource Center received a new mural painted by the children and William Morris. Take a look at the beautiful, new outdoor space & mural!




  10/11/08   Teruko Springs Resource Room in Dallas, TX enjoyed a trip with the kids to Dallas Christian College to watch the soccer game and meet the team's players. Their teacher also took the outing as an opportunity to show the kids around the college campus. The kids enjoyed the day and were very much inspired.




09/18/08   (Postponed) EAF & the Shaun Livingston Foundation (“SLF”) http://www.shaunlivingstonfoundation.org/ have teamed up to have a fundraiser. Please check out our official September 18, 2008, event website http://getacuechallenge.org.

The Get-A-Cue Celebrity Fundraiser will be held at Yankee Doodles in Santa Monica, CA.   http://yankeedoodles.com/.  We have the entire venue rented out for our event.  There will be a silent auction, celebrities, and entertainment.


  08/25/08  LA: Girl Scouts Mini Fair

There will be a mini fair at the Santa Rosalia building.  Kids from all the buildings are invited to attend.  The activities will include: scrap-booking, making friendship bracelets, water balloon toss, Double-Dutch contest, healthy snack making section, etc.  Girl Scouts will provide everything.



08/14/08   LA:

EAF would like to extend a big thank you to Sarvin Ghaemian and Colin Santiago.  They spent several hours today at our Resource Center, working on our computers.  Colin and Sarvin have also taken several of our computers to their office to make the necessary repairs.  


  08/11/08   LA: Girl Scouts event at 4525 Santa Rosalia Dr.


  07/28/08   LA: Girl Scouts had an event at 4525 Santa Rosalia Dr. The kids had an amazing time and learned how to set financial goals.  Bianca, the amazing Girl Scouts contact, provided workbooks for all of our kids and went through a process of budgeting money




07/21/08   LA: Girl Scouts event at 4525 Santa Rosalia Dr.




07/14/08    LA: Girl Scouts had an event at 4052 Coco Ave. 

The Girl Scouts had an exciting event for our kids.  The event included: dancing, singing and a tie-dye event for our kids.  The kids played jump rope and had the time of their lives. 



07/11-13    LA: EAF took the top 4 kids camping in Virginia Lakes, an area near Mammoth.


C. Mark Fuchs and EAF board members, took our kids (Kean Mena, Davion Mena, Tyrone Mena, and David Lawrence) camping.  In addition to camping, everyone went hiking, fishing and played in the snow.  All the kids learned to bait their own hooks, as well as, caught and released several fish.  After our camping extravaganza, EAF went to Bodie California. Bodie, California is a ghost town east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Mono County, California, United States, about 75 miles (120 km) southeast of Lake Tahoe. As Bodie Historic District, the U.S. Department of the Interior recognizes it as a National Historic Landmark. The ghost town has been administered by California State Parks since becoming a state historic park in 1962. In 1876, the Standard Company discovered a profitable deposit of gold-bearing ore, which transformed Bodie from an isolated mining camp comprising a few prospectors and company employees to a Wild West boomtown. Rich discoveries in the adjacent Bodie Mine during 1878 attracted even more hopeful people. By 1880, Bodie had a population of 7,000, maybe 8,000. Over the years, Bodie's mines produced gold valued at more than $34 million. In 1893, the Standard Company built its own hydroelectric plant. This pioneering installation is marked as one of the country's first transmissions of electricity over a long distance. Though greatly reduced in prominence, Bodie held a permanent residency through most of the 20th century, even after a fire ravaged much of the downtown business district in 1932. Bodie is now an authentic Wild West ghost town. The town was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1961, and in 1962 it became Bodie State Historic Park. Today, Bodie is preserved in a state of arrested decay. Only a small part of the town survives. Visitors can walk the deserted streets of a town that once had a population of nearly 10,000 people. Interiors remain as they were left and stocked with goods. Bodie is open all year, but the long road that leads to it is usually closed in the winter due to heavy snowfall, so the most comfortable time to visit is during the summer months.



07/09/08    LA: Girl Scouts established a troop in Baldwin Village.


The Girl Scouts came out and initiated EAF kids into an official Girl Scout troop. The kids were so excited!!  The 5 new Girl Scouts learned special songs, dances and made art projects. Two of the moms have become mom-troop leaders.  This is the first time in approximately 30 years, that Girl Scouts has established a troop in Baldwin Village.  EAF loves Stephanie!! EAF distributed the art supplies and toys that Steph donated.  It was like Christmas at the EAF Resource Center, the kids could not believe they were getting ET bags and other special toys.  Stephanie you rock!! Arteria, EAF loves you, thanks for visiting us!!



06/27/08   Dallas: EAF Kids went to the Dallas Zoo.


Dallas Zoo. http://www.dallaszoo.com.  As a reward for regularly attending the Resource Center and showing marked improvement in their grades, 15 kids were taken to the Dallas Zoo and visited the Sting Ray Bay.


05/10/08   LA: EAF kids went to the Body World Exhibit at the California Science Center.

This was a fantastic day with the kids from the Los Angeles EAF resource centers.  Instigated by the kids themselves who wanted to view the exhibit, we all ended up learning so much about the human body.


05/05/08   LA: Jobing.com provided a workshop to teach kids 14 years old and older, as well as parents, how to obtain gainful employment.

05/04/08   LA: EAF went to the Getty Museum

This was the first time the kids went to the Getty.  The kids had the time of their lives.



04/21/08   Dallas: 14000 Maham Rd. EAF had the Grand Opening of Resource Center in Dallas, TX


The grand opening in Texas went very well, EAF registered 30 kids and the teachers, Jay and Meredith, are incredible! EAF had the center open until 7:30 pm. Jay and Meredith worked with one one of the students to help them complete a report that was due the next day!

There was an interest from many non-school aged kids that will soon be in our program. This is the start of a big project in Texas and we thank you all for helping us get it started.

04/13/08   LA: Career Day, 4525 Santa Rosalia,

EAF provided lunch and spent time with the adorable kids K-12. Parents attended as well.
All guest speakers provided a 5-8 minute speech about who they are and what they do.

04/03/08 LA: EAF Board Meeting

03/05/2008  Dallas: 14000 Maham Rd. EAF had a Crime Watch Meeting

11/05/07 The Willard Team & NFL Alumni- 4th Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament
4th Annual Golf Tournament
Sponsored by NFL Alumni and Financial Title
For more info. click

03/25/07 1st Annual Bowl for Higher Learning
First Annual Bowling Challenge at Bay Shore Lanes - address is 234 Pico Boulevard (between 2nd and 3rd Street)

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Night out at Dodger Stadium

Celebrate Valentine’s Day WIth A Sweetheart of a Foundation!!
Education Advantage Foundation (EAF) is excited to
announce our Second Annual Charity Bachelor and
Bachelorette Auction!!

Pictures of kids from fashion tour
The Tutors in the 4525 Santa Rosalia resource room chose three students to be involved with a tour of Hatch Inc. in downtown Los Angeles.


Proceeds to benefit the Education Advantage Foundation

03/16/05 Bachelor Auction Fundraiser
Make a date with Education Advantage Foundation!

Spring Job Fair
Spring Job Fair in the Baldwin Village Community.

Los Angeles Lakers Game
The students had a great time at the Staples Center. The Lakers beat the Bobcats!

Casino Night!!
1st Annual Casino Night was a great success and an enjoyable evening for all.
Photos from the event.

06/09/04 EAF Radio Station Tour of 100.3 The Beat
EAF Radio Station Tour of 100.3 The Beat.

09/18/04 1st annual CASINO NIGHT!!
Dealing a better future for Los Angeles’ Kids. Education Advantage Foundation presents out 1st annual CASINO NIGHT!!

Children’s Book Event
The recent Children’s book event was a great success. Take a look at these lovely photos.

Book Faire info

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